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When Willie Got His Wheels is the first book in a 3-part series within Willie's Wonderful Adventures. 

When Willie Got His Wheels is about Willie, a 7-year-old-boy, who dreams of becoming the coolest motorcyclist in second grade. This fun and visually appealing slap-happy narrative is written in rhyme-scheme, offering a unique change of pace and flow for readers ages 7-11 years old.


The book is rooted in a young boy’s obsession that sends him on a journey of frustration, obsession, and daydreaming, which disrupts his life, gets him in trouble at school and at home. All dreams come at a cost. But will he realize that?


With the support and direction provided by his parents, schoolteachers and principal, Willie learns that having a positive attitude, setting realistic expectations, and focusing on the right things are key to achieving your dreams!


Willie learns several lessons that help him develop as a person. These lessons set the tone for how he thinks, feels and acts in his wonderful dream of becoming the coolest motorcyclist in second grade!

Interior Book Illustrations (Click to Expand)

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