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"My dream is to make this book series a reality for children around the world – putting a smile on their faces, while showing them that dreams CAN COME TRUE if you believe in yourself and work hard!"


My name is R.J. Davila. In recent months I've rekindled a sort of magical creative inspiration that I haven't felt since childhood. I began writing without purpose or thought and found myself creating what will be the first of many books within the "Willie's Wonderful Adventures" series! 

I’m an award-winning writer and have both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism and public relations, where I’ve written for non-profits, corporations and even publicized musicians and artists.

Some cool facts about me

  • Awarded a Bronze Anvil for "Best Feature Story" in 2010 by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the organization's highest award.

  • Recipient of the "30 for the Future" honor for my work in philanthropy, leadership and civic duty in 2013 by the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce and State Treasurer of Ohio. 

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